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How You Can Help

Uriah's Fight How You Can Help

This is all so new to us.

We’re not a family that is used to asking for or needing help, but we’re quickly learning just how involved this fight and journey are going to be and coming to terms with the fact that we’re now “that family with a child with cancer.” And this is precisely the time we need to be open to accepting help so that we can focus as much of our energy as possible on doing what we need to so Uriah wins this fight.

Mostly- Your encouragement and support.

This is a tough time and we’re a small family in a state with only two relatives less than 10 hours away. It means a lot for us to connect to other families going through or who have gone through similar things.

We are also glad to have Uriah in the thoughts of many caring people. I’m amazed how much people far away can bring us into their thoughts and hearts.

Give whatever you can monthly

Why recurring donations? Well as you’ll read here the last thing we want to do is be a burden to anyone else. We’re hoping if enough people are willing to share a small amount of their generosity regularly, we won’t have to worry about ongoing fundraising efforts and job hunts in the midst of this journey.

Can you spare us the price of a cup of coffee once a week? Maybe more? Any bit helps.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even have enough support that when all is said and done, we’ll be able to give back to other families.

For an ONGOING MONTHLY donation use the yellow button below:

Please keep in mind- we have a 2.9% fee for this plus a $0.30 per transaction fee for recurring donations. and any donations made through this link, ongoing OR one time are subject to the fees.

For a ONE TIME donation use this link:

There is no fee to us associated with this as long as you DO NOT select “payment for goods and services”


Unfortunately, we’re shaping up to be the typical middle class family who isn’t eligible for any government support and little charity help due to finances. We would have to effectively sell all we own but our house and one car and I would have to stop working as a pharmacist, pretty much at all, to qualify for anything. We’d like to work to avoid losing everything we’ve saved making a great life for our son and building a college fund, etc. in the effort to keep him alive and us available to him

What many, even those close to use haven’t known is that I, Mama, the pharmacist and breadwinner was in the middle of a work search.

I have a part time “on call” position with a company I have been with many years where I am not promised any hours. That was working just fine until this Fall when the company greatly cut hours. Now, there have been few calls for someone who is “on call” to work, like me.

And frankly, I don’t see how I am going to find a new part time or full time job with the scheduling rigors this cancer fight will require. Additionally, living in a rural area, there just aren’t many positions available which is why I was still searching for something more stable. I can’t imagine right now having to seek work 1-2 hours from home and leaving my husband at home with a sick child or having to handle being in and out of the hospital on his own.

As a mother, being aware of the fact that each moment is so precious and we are not guaranteed anything in this fight, every moment I am away from my son is heartbreaking.

The last thing we want to do is be a burden on anyone who wants to help us. I am hoping we can figure out an easy way to set something up so that anyone who wishes to share their generosity can opt to send us however much they feel comfortable with monthly for whatever period they feel comfortable with until such time we have this under control.

If enough people pool small resources, it can collectively be a big big help.

Maybe you’re willing to give us the equivalent of a cup of coffee monthly, maybe more. Whatever you feel comfortable with, we’re so grateful you are willing to share.

Right now we have his PayPal, I am getting Venmo setup.

We also need to get an account setup in Uriah’s name for these gifts and donations so we don’t end up getting taxed on them.

My understanding is that money that comes out of someone’s checking account to PayPal has no fees involved, though fees occur if there is a credit card.

If you choose to send any money this way we greatly appreciate it.

Checks, Gift Cards, Etc.

We can also receive donations, gifts and cards for Uriah via our PO Box. We have yet to be back home yet at the time of writing this, so I am not sure how soon we will be there.

We’re a pretty frugal and practical family, so honestly, checks or PayPal are best so that we can apply that to bills, but gift cards are greatly appreciated too.

We have a Fred Meyer Grocer (Kroger company) and a Wal-Mart within 40 minutes of our rural home. We also go to Costco a few times a year. Local gas is often purchased at the Fred Meyer or a Shell Gas Station. Our travels to the hospital also take us past a Safeway grocery with gas station.

We’re a very frugal family so our biggest worries are bills, groceries, gas and whatever unexpected fees are going to come up with having to be back and forth from the children’s hospital 3.5 hours from home, at least monthly and for who knows how long for each admission. There are so many unknowns.

Any donations or gifts can be sent to

Uriah Moore c/o Regina Moore, PO BOX 876, Newport OR, 97365.

Please make out any donations to Uriah Moore or Uriah Moore c/o Regina Moore